Tablet: Goodbye Forever, Once Again.

Finally! Remember that I interviewed Jason last May?

Well, Tablet’s run an abbreviated version of it. I am responsible for the edits and sequence juggling, as you’ll see (with the exception of the embarrassing first-to-third person shift in the first graf, which happened after I filed the edited version, and the subhead – Jason’s not really a busker anymore, I’d say; but there wasn’t anything about that in the material I turned in).

This week, I’ll be running the rest of the full interview here (the first parts are here, here, here, and here) as well as a full transcript of the interview I did with Jason on the phone one morning in early October. The interviews are broken up into seven entries and will run one a day, starting Monday.

Oops, isn’t today Sunday? Ah. Um. Very well. Think of this as Sunday’s entry.

And I’ll see you at Town Hall on November 1.

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