As long as I can remember, the only “adult” aspiration that ever interested me was permanent migration to space. It’s actually a quite childish aspiration. When I was younger, what I found interesting and attractive about it was the combination of technology and pioneering, pretty much exactly what the industrial and military propaganda of the day wanted me to, er, grok.

When I got older, what was attractive was the possibility of leaving everyone else behind, but not unkindly, of being granted the privilege of a socially-approved escape from the dreary day-to-day responsibilities of life, such as taking the trash out or assuring other people, or your pets, that you love them.

None of that’s ever gonna happen.

4 thoughts on “Space

      1. Apparently no on the notifications. I’ve only seen this because I came back to look. I did get an imessage ping from you last night around 3:30am, but I assume that was unrelated. However when using this form I’m prompted to check a box about followups (now checked). I don’t remember there being such a thing when I made the initial comment.

        Rather that spitting in a tube, I think I’ll just assume our brotherhood is true.

        1. I did ping you pursuant to initiating an asynchronous conversation on the topic of psychological doubling. I’ll re-ping.

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