In hand:
much cheeses
charcuterie including an experimental meat known as bresaola
wegetable cwuditay
tinned seafood if desired
large fruit salad

4.25lb boneless prime rib, fully cooked. Reheat shall be an experiment

(this is an improvement over the smallest turkeys I could find, 6-8lbs)

green bean casserole
mashed sweet potatoes
scalloped potatoes
some sort of stewed cinnamon apple thing

prior five dishes are all prepackaged from Safeway. The prime rib packaging instructions advise the home cook to “boil in bag”, eg, sous vide, which is tempting. I hate using plastic under heat though so experiment ho!

a homemade ratatouille that bears no resemblance to Rémi’s but dang it smells FANTASTIC

Knorr brownt gravy

1 (One) punkin pie
1 (One) half gallon Tillamook marionberry Icet Creme

oh and forgive me I overlooked

Caesar salad from a kit served in the olive wood bowl my father made for his parents
Cranberry sos, the good kind AND the bad kind
12 pak, well, 11 now, King’s Hawaiian (oh god I want to eat more, now)

Work plan

Leap from bed
preheat oven to 425
make garlic/olive oil/salt/black pepper crust for meat slab, slather
burn crust for like 10-15 mintues

redudece oven to like 210, put foil on meat slam

clean instant read meat thermometor

start slald ice bath soak, shave hard cheese if remembery

rense veg tray veggies, splay out, add dippery

likewise absurd dried meats and cheeses

cups. wine. liquor. ice.

Expected table participants: four
Expected media diet: streaming channel looped fireplace videos.

Maybe we’ll do a board game. I sort of expect we’ll just share how fucked up the last three years have been.

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