On MetaFilter, Class 3 Geomaganetic Storm Likely To Spawn Aurora, notes the ever-reliable, Seattle-based (but sadly blog-free) y2karl.

Time to go for a walk, methinks. For once we’re in for a spate of clear autumn weather.

I have actually seen the aurora here in town – it was literally dancing up and down the broadcast towers on Madison at the border of Capitol Hill and the CD. It was eerie.

Previously, the great display of May 1988 awed me for an entire night back home in Bloomington. I ‘ll go on and on about that… later.

UPDATE: Nothin’ yet. y2karl is gettin’ raked over the cols pretty good for a double-post though. Hey Karl! S’awright! It actually got me outta the house for nearly a minute and a half!

(and: Capitol Hill? Let’s have a beer sometime. I love your taste in music. Did you go to Danny Barnes the other day?)