James Seng’s blog: Bayesian filter for MT. What it says. An alternative to MT-Blacklist. By the same guy that wrote the captcha doohickey.

I’ll take a peek at this but Seng’s got a hard row to hoe with respect to ease-of-installation; MT-Blacklist was a model of an MT plugin, whereas the captcha code was relatively hackish.

In the comments on his entry Seng notes that he believes the filter should be interoperable with MT-Blacklist.

3 thoughts on “Bayesian comment filtering

  1. I always visit http://www.foreword.com to prevent comment spam.

    Err…honestly, is comment spam really this much of a problem? Perhaps it’s because I’m still using dotcomments, but I’ve only seen one instance of spamming on my site, and an .htaccess ban solved that problem immediately.

  2. Just like the Bayesian spam filter I wrote. Works like a champ, damn hard to configure. Oh well. Gives me something to look forward to working on one day.

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