Oh, the puzzlin’ I been doin’ over why I ain’t been feelin’ it of late.

I been a-puzzlin’ ‘cuz I’m a dumbass.

It’s September, as you well know, Mike!

I’ll be right as rain agin in a few days.

My folks are getting ready to ride out the hurricane in North Carolina. They are well inland, but the projected track of the storm takes it quite directly to them. Prior hurricanes since they’ve lived in North Carolina have all come ashore in South Carolina and swung back to the north and east after encountering the Appalachians; thus there’s a real possiblity the storm might be more intense than those that have come before.

One thought on “Predictable

  1. I’m so sorry, Mike. I have a big “anniversary” coming up as well (Oct. 2)
    Makes me want to be with my family.

    Enjoy the rain – it mixes well.

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