The Gizmos Songbook has been made available for the perusal of the one or two of you who care about obscure pre-hardcore American punk bands.

Also, due to unforeseen technical difficulties which will crop up at the last minute, I will NOT be able to appear at the Illuminated Donkey Festival, as scheduled:

“Reformatting the Server Whatsits to Clear the Flibber-Flabber” 9:00 P.M. Brunswick Towers Conference Center. Panelists: Michael Whybark and Paul Frankenstein.

Longtime Illuminated Donkey contributors and associates Michael Whybark and Paul Frankenstein discuss the latest Internet technology and why it always seems to be crashing. Attendees are guaranteed that at least one-third of all words used will be intelligible to the general public.

It was sweet of Ken to book me. I really appreciate the effort and expense involved (whooee – last minute one-way nonrefundable first-class tickets in and out of Newark will run ya, just ask Ken). I’m particularly sorry to be missing Ken’s sure-to-be-a-wowser one man panel, “Thirst, Alcohol, and the Single American Woman,” but, being happily married, realize my personal interest in this was a reflection of both prurience and cruelty and so will sleep very well indeed in its’ lack.

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