I think I’m basically behind the curve, but I’ve just spent the last forty-five minutes laughing my ass off about this. I stumbled into this brilliant lunacy by way of the Big Green House, who also snogged it from somewheres or other.

To boldly go: the Sacramento News and Review goes in depth on the Sacto Star Trek band scene.


Marooned in this hot, humid, backwater town on an insignificant planet, the Klingon Capt. pInluH approaches the cluster of puny humans who are taking in the action. The captain is nearly 7 feet tall, his left arm is amputated at the elbow–lost in what must have been one glorious battle–and his gut hangs pendulously over his belt. He’s an aging warrior, but he’s bad news to be sure. He swaggers up to the earthlings, humans and some Vulcans, steadily swigging from cans of Old Milwaukee.

pInluH queries, “Are you ready to rock?”

The crowd is pensive. The Vulcans just stare at the spiny carapace of his forehead. Some smirk.

“I said,” he bellows, “are you ready to rock?” More smirks.

“I do not believe you are ready to rock,” pInluH says with a huff, and then he strides off.

pInluH is the lead singer for Stovokor, a Portland-based Klingon heavy metal band (see this Portland Mercury article). There is a glorious photo of the warriors on stage in the News and Review article. That article, it should be noted, is a fine piece of writing by one Cosmo Garvin that covers the strangeness without condescension, I thought, and also decodes the bits of Trekanalia ebedded (such as the source of one of the band’s names, for example).

But wait! There’s more!

The grand-daddies of the scene are the long running No Kill I, a band that sounds like it would be great fun to see. They have a cross-town rival band, Warp 11, whose music sounds much less like something I’d be interested in, from the article’s description of it.

Both bands have music available online:

No Kill I and spinoff band No Kill I: TNG

Warp 11: Red Alert.

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