Tablet number 70’s Wiretappingleads with my 500-word piece on Fantagraphics’ successful plea for support that hit the web – and email inboxes throughout the comics world – at the end of May.

The news is good, as I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear.

In editing notes, I noted no changes from the story I filed, although I’ve not made a detailed comparison. The title changed from my totally workaday “Fantagraphics Beats Crisis,” or some such, to “Comic Relief.”

In other news, it’s very weird to be working in the same company – even the same location – that I was five years ago. Uncanny, even. I am striving to not bust out the grizzled vet routine, as only three people who work there now worked there when I did, so as far as they are concerned, I’m the new guy.

Thus, it’s weird.

One thought on “Fantagraphics article in TABLET

  1. I can commiserate – when I left the bank and came back to the bank, it was timed such that I had one day in our old building for orientation. Then we moved into the new building.

    ‘course, this org is a bit larger than M2K. I’m still rediscovering people (abroad) I haven’t spoken to in ages.

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