So Buck Woolley, a well-known figure to skee-ball buffs, wanted to know: “What’s up with the, you know, Seattle blogger community?”

The query meant “Who should I start reading and why?” as well as “So are Seattle blog parties as big the bomp-bommity as the fabzizzah BABBzilla of NYC fame?”

Being either a housebound misanthrope or to busy to hit the swingin’ Meetup parties (there’s a gathering tomorrow night at Bauhaus in my freakin’ neighborhood, fer the luvva pete) has meant I can’t truly grant a verdict on implied question number 2.

But question number one, well, I referred to Jimfl, Danelope, Dan S, and Eric Sooros as well as Zannah, Jerry Kindall and MeFi. It seems to me through a good years informal observation that these people are among the longest running of the locals – and that there is some powerful, but mysterious to me, connecting thread running through them to MeFi.

It’s never too early to write History, friends. Get cracking! Why, pray tell, does MeFi feature such a strong rainy city presence? Is it just that it was launched when there were many underemployed web-geeks surfin’ on unemployment? Or is there some further thread?

I of course mentioned other sites as well… but alas, I am on a machine that does not contain the email and laziness is preventing me from even linking in a “link” category post, crazy as it seems (it’s some kind of pomo dealie). I believe I mentioned the yeti, Daymented, Anita Rowland and le petit chou; I’m sure there were others as well.

(UPDATE: I added the links, under Frankenstein’s incessant, pounding critique.)

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  1. Fer the love of Pete (Best), it wouldn’t kill ya to actually link to the durned sites IN the article itself, would it?

    Nah, didn’t think so.

  2. Mike! Did I do something to offend you? Do you not enjoy my blog? Or is it a little too blue for your snooty taste? Well, let me tell you something, Mister: if you think you can push us little guys around just because you got some fancy-schmancy education, you’ve got another thing comin! We will rise! We shall be triumphant! We shall….. oh, wait. With all this crap-ass weather, I thought I was back in Seattle. Please disregard.

  3. geez!

    links: of course, paul’s right.

    But I’m sill impractically enamored of linkless web site references, although the why of that is only plausibly explained by laziness.

  4. So far as I know there’s not a big MeFi thread running through Seattle blogdom, at least no more than anywhere else. Of the bloggers you listed I think maybe one or two post there occasionally (not counting myself of course).

    I signed up for my MetaFilter account less than two months after moving to Seattle, but I’d already found a few blogs while living in Detroit and I knew about MetaFilter.

  5. As Jerry stated above, I don’t think MetaFilter represents the center of Seattle weblogging, if only because I met nearly all of the aforementioned webloggers (in person) before I realized that any frequented MetaFilter.

    Myself excluded, I feel that many of the people you’ve mentioned are the good webloggers, in that they provide original and frequently entertaining content on a regular basis. For whatever reason, Seattle seems to be an area where talent congregates. As a result, many here are not only good writers, but excellent designers, photographers, musicians, actors, gardeners, and cooks, and I find myself perpetually in awe.

  6. you should have come to the meetup and asked us what makes us so cool. I treasure my low mefi number but only post there when I have something to say.

    Thanks for the mention!

  7. Meatspacewise, there seem to be several smallish Seattle Weblog Communities, sometimes coming together via coordinated activities (Blank White Cards, Meetup, Wumpus Hunt, Jish coming to town).

    Though I am reasonably “involved,” I cannot say that I’ve ever been to anything closely resembling a party comprised of webloggers and a degree of freedom or two beyond. Small dinner parties, yeah, but nada boom, pas du bomp.

    And I’ve never met Mike (who I think invented his last name)! But we must all have something to look forward to.

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