I also received official notification from Smilin’ Eric Reynolds, Director of Schmoozing for Fantagraphics, that there’s a warehouse sale in the offing.

It’s Saturday, June 28, noon to five.

Chez Fantagraphics Warehouse
3667 1st Ave So. (100 yards south of S. Spokane Street)
Seattle, WA 98134

(206) 467 4940

Discounts range up to 30% for big orders and damaged books are on the block at half-off, so pray that the forklift guys are drunk.

Scheduled guests include Hate‘s Peter Bagge (2-4p), Scary‘s Ted Jouflas (1-3p) and Rebel Visions‘ Patrick Rosenkranz.

Reports of dancing girls and male strippers could not be independently confirmed. I belive this depends, again, on the level of intoxication among the forklift crew.