@praguepainter gonna rerun those tweets w/o reply mode, i like them – 06:28 PM GMT
space helmets with built-in electrostimulation circuitry designed to provoke ecstatic visions – 06:29 PM GMT
cronenbergian p-suits with intimate gripstim tech – 06:29 PM GMT
continuous microburst twitchercize to maintain one-gee muscle tone. drugs to suppress labile sentiment and slow nostalgia – 06:30 PM GMT
a crew in orbit given the task of creating novels and paintings under exquisite minute-by-minute checklisted protocol – 06:30 PM GMT
bioengineered toxoplasma gondi that only reproduce in zero-gee tailored to subtly modify astronaut behavior and psychology, astroplasmosis – 06:33 PM GMT
ISS becomes host to super-MRSA, crew quarantined until new family of antibiotics available a generation later – 06:37 PM GMT
Astronaut qualification limited to identical twins due to quantum-entanglement brain-implant commsets that require duplicate installs – 06:49 PM GMT
every single one of these getting a one-pager in the writer’s guild registry oh yeah – 06:50 PM GMT
radiation safety for long-duration missions requires biomodification of crew, turning them permanently black – 06:52 PM GMT
Burn extra calories while you walk. Ankle weights are not intended for walking or running. pic.twitter.com/​F6K44D1DYs – 07:02 PM GMT
RT: @Medievalists: Medieval Black Magic medievalists.net/​2015/​01/​04/​med… pic.twitter.com/​PHNDkN7h9X – 07:03 PM GMT
Long duration mission crew reports murder but is actually covering for crewmember hiding from biomonitoring for reasons related to religion – 07:06 PM GMT
@clarissawam same box describes them as 5lb but actual weight is 2lb adjustable to 5lb. Wondering if they might actually be water wings. – 07:07 PM GMT
Returning astro crews develop extreme fetish fixation on isolation and confinement in personal sexual preferences – 07:08 PM GMT
help it’s like i’ve unleashed a tiny jg ballard inside my head send help – 07:09 PM GMT
.@DanEngler we’ll repair to the workpod – 07:09 PM GMT
competing astrogarb design companies become primary funders of ISS, crews required to change garb several times a day. – 07:11 PM GMT
Major League Baseball bids for, acquires astrogarb business. Flown gear supply chain implemented, replicas widely promoted. Nike sues. – 07:13 PM GMT
@praguepainter oh hell yes, I love Malzberg – 07:14 PM GMT
@praguepainter isfdb.org/​cgi-bin/​ea.cgi… looking over this, know i’ve read novels but somehow not sure which. Definitely “Spree” SF histories – 07:17 PM GMT
@praguepainter and short stories, tons of those – 07:18 PM GMT
@praguepainter argh, not “spree”, that’s aldiss. I have read Malzberg’s SF criticism, dig it – 07:19 PM GMT
@matthetube the world stands as one in mourning this pioneer of the space age. wasn’t there a guy that starved inside a duffel bag recently? – 07:44 PM GMT
@matthetube right, i did remember some spookish shit there. prolly the germ of my dystronaut tweet. – 07:46 PM GMT
@matthetube dystonaut, better coinage – 07:46 PM GMT
@matthetube “I put the trash on a piece of duct tape … even dealing with the trash takes forever.” theatlantic.com/​features/​archi… – 07:49 PM GMT
@matthetube i mean the quote there’s about food prep. i haven’t even started in on zero-gee autophagia. – 07:51 PM GMT
@matthetube orbital urophagia and subsequent psychedelic experiences – 07:54 PM GMT
@matthetube totally. kicked off my sudoballzberg tweets. – 08:56 PM GMT
RT: @sculpin: Told a guy that I’d read all of the Dune books including the final volume, _Imperial Mortician of Dune_. For a moment he believed me. – 08:57 PM GMT
orbital funerary rites. columbarium satellite. premium slots for vacuum mummification and storage. 2-way video comms for earthbound mourners – 09:01 PM GMT
spaceflown cans of low-orbit hard vacuum sold at Hallmark and 1970s black light novelty mall stores globally – 09:05 PM GMT
module 23 added to ISS. 12x12x12 cube w/featureless interior, centrally-located LED dreamachine light system, used for isolation processing – 10:08 PM GMT
mission specialists deploy shame photography, cut-ups of checklists in interactions with ground crew – 10:09 PM GMT