@rjl20 hey josh, there is a nonzero chance of heading to Conor’s tomorrow, let me ask Viv if she wants to go. – 02:01 AM GMT
Tonight: “The One I Love” with Elizabeth Moss and Mark DuPlass. A/V Club: avclub.com/​article/​spoile… /// loving this microgenre – 03:00 AM GMT
Tomb of Osiris! sploid.gizmodo.com/​archeologists-… – 03:29 AM GMT
@Johnny_Dale @phirephoenix “Shuddup, *ma’am*” – 06:01 AM GMT
“which I obtained through occult means” – Emily Nussbaum refers to her method of obtaining e01 of “Black Mirror”. nyr.kr/​1ztoMJQ – 05:33 PM GMT
@gjcharlet it’s zombis innit – 06:02 PM GMT
@gjcharlet tine-y zombies – 06:24 PM GMT
RT: @jonronson: I’m beginning to think Prince Andrew might make a terrible king. – 08:27 PM GMT