speaking of helmets pic.twitter.com/​AJtCLlsmVU – 12:02 AM GMT
@tclancy the Helidelphia Experiment! Ask if you can post it on Reddit. – 01:23 AM GMT
@tclancy … and I can kind of squint to see how. guy formed no longterm memories b/t zap and school, maybe? – 01:24 AM GMT
Get your beauty erst no matter where you are FOR TWENNYFI DOLLA halfoffdepot.com/​national/​43800… – 01:37 AM GMT
My mind keeps sliding away from the Armenian piece in this weeks NYer and over to an Armenian girl I once knew – 02:07 AM GMT
I mean, like, Armenian diasporite American. She was pals with my sister too. We’re current FB friends too. Her hubs is a jazz cat. – 02:08 AM GMT
He had a gig here on a weekend that Viv and I were out of town, so I didn’t ping them. Another time. – 02:09 AM GMT
She got in an argument with her then BF in 1987 and burst into the coffeehouse where i worked on night as my shift ended. – 02:10 AM GMT
“Who here wants to go see Warren Zevon and X tonight?” she announced to the assembled tea sippers. I practically leapt over the counter. X! – 02:12 AM GMT
I don’t think I even knew who Warren Zevon was. Anyway, I took off my apron and off we went, in her BF’s silver 380SE. – 02:12 AM GMT
In hindsight, there was a message directed at me, I think, which I did not see or note. The X gig was a bit sad, as Exene and John were … – 02:14 AM GMT
… on the outs, Exene pregnant with what I now know was Viggo Mortensen’s baby. But I had just missed them in 1982 and by god wouldn’t again. – 02:15 AM GMT
Except, of course, I hadn’t even checked ticket costs. So my friend’s provocative gesture was received gratefully and in total ignorance. – 02:17 AM GMT
This is, of course, because I am an emotionally miscued fool of near-legendary cluelessness and good will, very much like the Tarot’s fool. – 02:18 AM GMT
Following in that guy’s footsteps, if you will. – 02:19 AM GMT
@telemetrist oh right, filterable or view conversation or whatever. – 02:20 AM GMT
Tonight was “Belle,” UK period (1789) three-hanky number. Waaay better than it had to be. Fundamentally a period-piece romance. – 05:44 AM GMT
Recommended despite slightly clunky ending (swelling music over court statement of judgement regarding insurance law and, er, slavery). – 05:45 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @middleclasstool @gjcharlet seriously, did you see what he did to those ikea units? – 05:50 AM GMT
@Ethan_Booker @misskeli Bob Newhart Show dentist – 07:26 PM GMT