RT: @marikamalaea: Gift of the year came from my bestie. Finally, china for people like us! <3 instagram.com/​p/​xSjwASouIU/​ – 12:10 AM GMT
@mubay stellar. are these the popes? – 02:42 AM GMT
FanFare thread on “Coherence,” cool. fanfare.metafilter.com/​921/​Coherence – 04:53 AM GMT
my big new years excitement: someone dropped needle on Dick Justice’s “Henry Lee” and I done shoutit all along too – 10:46 AM GMT
bin like to ten years since i slang that tune, yessir – 10:46 AM GMT
@pronoiac it was pretty great, still thinking about it. totally dug the zero-budget aspect. – 07:45 PM GMT
seriously, what is up with the gas prices – 08:21 PM GMT
resolved: obtain leather flying helmet and goggles in 2015 – 08:23 PM GMT
or possibly a pressure suit – 08:24 PM GMT
This is reasonably priced, to my surprise ebay.co.uk/​itm/​2314265935… – 08:26 PM GMT
this, less so. dig the goggles tho ebay.com/​itm/​3111814846… – 08:27 PM GMT
attn Art ebay.com/​itm/​1512982526… – 08:42 PM GMT
@telemetrist to facilitate stump removal? to find the old wrecked car? 😉 – 09:16 PM GMT
@telemetrist lol Noam, 2002: ‘drain the swamp’ theguardian.com/​politics/​2002/​… – 09:19 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt Art Heather wants you on FB m.facebook.com/​story.php?stor… – 10:21 PM GMT