I lived in Chile in 1969 as a small child. – 04:04 AM GMT
a few years later, the Pinochet coup was intensely disturbing to me, deeply undermining my trust in American motives and democracy. – 04:07 AM GMT
Like at age eight, I guess. No sense of societal security or trust in the school-imparted image of America. – 04:08 AM GMT
I have come to suspect that my sensitivity to the Dirty Wars was a reflection of my hidden insecurity as an adoptee. – 04:09 AM GMT
So you can imagine the fucking blistering rage I feel when I read about shit like this.theguardian.com/​lifeandstyle/​2… – 04:10 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt I can only hope he died in poopy-pants pain and fear. – 04:11 AM GMT
@poupou indeed. can’t recall when i first started hearing about it, high school, prolly. i do try to follow it over time. – 05:54 AM GMT
@hell0jed aw, sorry to hear it. – 03:41 PM GMT
@BitterOldPunk Shit! Sorry to hear this. – 07:30 PM GMT