@poupou how long for that feature? four weeks – 03:01 AM GMT
@poupou what did the brogrammer say to the lady developer? no, really, you don’t want to know – 03:04 AM GMT
@poupou you’re totally on to something here – 03:05 AM GMT
@keithpille amen! i literally threw it across the room at several points. just hate the fucking thing. cryptofascicon, more like it. – 08:43 PM GMT
@keithpille he did write it after writing that epic Wired feature that debuted many of the concepts – 08:50 PM GMT
@keithpille and i guess reading the book crystallized my anti-technolibertarian perspective, so, uh, thanks Neil – 08:51 PM GMT
@keithpille i had read his earlier stuff at some point, chasing down a compleat cyberpunk campaign, really liked the earlier material – 08:53 PM GMT
dog sitter reports logan is a good dog pic.twitter.com/​l2iTD2MUCy – 09:41 PM GMT
Local Fox affiliate not showing Seahawks game 🙁 – 11:47 PM GMT