weird to hear about a mountain climbing death on a trail you have walked yourself – 05:07 PM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo i have actually heard good things about this book. but where? – 05:09 PM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo well, we’d really hafta ax 2am Tussin Mike. i can’t recall where i saw a good review, undoubtedly a postrockist snob pal on FB – 05:13 PM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo you will must needs provide a tweet review pls k thx – 05:14 PM GMT
speaking of twitter book reviews, I read The Martian and Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls on the plane last night, a fairly spent $36 – 05:55 PM GMT
The Martian was total mind candy, utterly unchallenging, neo-Heinlein Engineer Superprotagonist “hard” SF. I loved it. – 05:58 PM GMT
Author’s love for NASA as it is – as it has been – drives the story’s, uh, atmosphere. As such the cascading improbabilities are forgiven. – 06:00 PM GMT
“Owls” is Sedaris’ most recent. His perspective has shifted some. It includes his taxidermy piece but not the one on his sister’s suicide. – 06:06 PM GMT
Don’t know if the suicide piece was excluded based on pub date or editorial considerations. Majority of pieces are reflective and familial. – 06:09 PM GMT
He’s not apologizing for using his family as the target of his satiric rage, but the essays clearly document a desired and deep connection. – 06:10 PM GMT
Thus the absence of the suicide essay, which is honest, earnest, heartfelt, self-serving, and self-deluding, is felt. – 06:13 PM GMT
So I’m going with “editorial choice.” The absence reflects the death. Unless the calendar says it can’t. – 06:14 PM GMT
In other news, it felt hell-yes good to rip through 500+ pages on paper in one sitting. Who’s yer reader? Who? That’s right, uh-huh, oh yeah – 06:16 PM GMT
Here are some worse years: 1968. 1972. 2000. 2001. 2004. 1928. 1914. 1936. 1941. – 06:21 PM GMT
I should totally make a clickbait list! what was that, ten? seven? – 06:25 PM GMT
nine! – 06:28 PM GMT
@esinclai oh, i’m a fawning fanboy, no mistake. I loved the suicide piece but it was clearly problematic, which may actually signify growth. – 06:39 PM GMT
@esinclai going to press with an essay which self-implicates, even by omission, was a first. leaving it out here works literarily. – 06:40 PM GMT
@esinclai I don’t see how anyone, even Michael Bay, could fuck it up. It’s “Gravity” on Mars, without character development or psychology. – 06:41 PM GMT
@esinclai it actually reminded me of that Buzz profile. “Fighter pilots don’t have emotions.” Nor do stranded Martianauts. At the time. – 06:43 PM GMT
@esinclai to be clear, I have no problem with this! I genuinely loved the book. It’s literally just problem, solution. Problem, solution. – 06:44 PM GMT
RT: @LungoDog: Hey @KIRORadio really enjoying listening to @TonyaMosley. More please. – 06:46 PM GMT
@misskeli @naxuu forgive my kibitizing, but from watching destination-based sales tax reqs roll out in US i have some observations – 07:15 PM GMT
@misskeli @naxuu how many sales have you had in tax jurisdiction X? Illinois (iirc?), for example, asserts nexus at destination – 07:16 PM GMT
@misskeli @naxuu meaning that online sales to cust in IL, (or wherever) according to IL authorities, have sales tax due to IL – 07:17 PM GMT
@misskeli @naxuu no matter where seller or goods are located. exact parallel to new VAT rules. – 07:18 PM GMT
@misskeli @naxuu for most sellers, Amazon and eBay actually make it impossible to calculate and collect accurate dest sales tax – 07:18 PM GMT
@misskeli @naxuu so in a way, the determination of collect and remit must be driven by the seller’s revenue. Sell a shitload in IL? collect. – 07:19 PM GMT
@misskeli @naxuu it is objectively IMPOSSIBLE for a small-biz owner. Dest based sales tax is the end result of several jurisdictions. – 07:20 PM GMT
@misskeli @naxuu state, county, township, city, special-boundary levy, etc. – 07:21 PM GMT
@misskeli @naxuu localities have a legit beef re lost taxes. now that bigs have monopoly, (amazon, whoever) … – 07:22 PM GMT
@misskeli @naxuu … the objective is to put in place rules that force small-biz to pay service provider(s) to manage tax collect/remit – 07:22 PM GMT
@misskeli @naxuu … but for most microbiz, even if the laws are not written to exempt, the practice will be to do so. How to remit $.002? – 07:24 PM GMT
@misskeli @naxuu so anyway. my $.002, not based on VAT experience but assuming similar structural objectives. funnel commerce thru bigs. – 07:25 PM GMT
@misskeli @naxuu so if I were an etsy or bandcamp seller based in US, I would just ignore this unless I had more than $X in EU sales. IANAL – 07:28 PM GMT
@misskeli @naxuu or an accountant. – 07:29 PM GMT
@naxuu @misskeli yep, literal buck passing – 08:09 PM GMT