delightful evening with @hell0jed and @arthurwyatt in LQA. – 07:35 AM GMT
elaborate dream of a winter holiday event held at a nearby tourist town in the mountains – 06:30 PM GMT
complete with boeing flybys – 06:30 PM GMT
except the event was a large scale recreation of a Roman legion’s repulsion by the townspeople, who appeared to be of the Islamic faith – 06:32 PM GMT
The Romans and defenders were all played by area volunteers organized like community baseball teams, such that each group had sponsor logos – 06:33 PM GMT
The groups would perform a choreographed song and dance number beneath their sponsor’s legion standard on first appearing in the plaza – 06:34 PM GMT
so the dream appears to combine elements of the NOLA Mardi Gras indian and marching society traditions with Hispanic and Venetian Carnival – 06:36 PM GMT
With a big difference: the primary cultural referent of the people in the dream was the Roman Empire. Thus, when the marching clubs fought – 06:37 PM GMT
They were actually killing each other. This was a Saturnalia holiday pageant but within a the world and culture of modern Washington State – 06:38 PM GMT
if the Islamic breakout of the 700s had run the same cultural channels as Christianity did into and through the Roman Empire. – 06:41 PM GMT
Tweetles and tweetettes, my fucking unconscious mind. I ask you. – 06:42 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @hell0jed you have to eat a raw egg, by manly statute – 06:43 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt on FB some other disgruntled Seattle users have been citing a service called Instacart w/$99 yr base. Haven’t Googled it. – 07:29 PM GMT