The coveted Milo 2014 auto. This here gwine be worth something someday.​vDQKi7fpUR – 12:09 AM GMT
@mwhybark I mean to say, it’s worth something NOW. It shall appreciate. – 12:10 AM GMT
RT: @FearDept: At least one of our soldiers took her own life rather than be a good sport. What did she see? We redacted her diary.​L3l4cRiVwj – 03:39 AM GMT
that is some WIND. And I’m not even ranting yet! – 03:48 AM GMT
My wife’s mom has the all timers. Her brother is a fire captain in OC. He has an EMT’s sense of humor. – 04:00 AM GMT
We just gave him and his wife a DVD of “The Notebook” for Xmas, – 04:00 AM GMT
WhoooossshoooohhhshhshhTHUMP sshhhhhh WHHHHHHSSSS flicker – 04:11 AM GMT
RT: @kystokes: How much the ground has sunk near the @BerthaDigsSR99 repair shaft, per this @wsdot map obtained by @publicolanews​s9Fnc3a1SD – 03:35 PM GMT
Holy shit! They’ve dug too deep! It awakens! Ai! Ai! O world of men – 03:36 PM GMT
@azender @MayorEmanuel @cromnibus depends on which PAC would buy it in bulk to launder donations into a personal fortune, Anne – 03:41 PM GMT
Wait, Airstrip One is on the fritz? – 03:42 PM GMT
@deathmtn my old roomie jack would do that all day, sitting in his rocking chair, scales on a headphone strat, bididididippptingtingipppidid – 03:45 PM GMT
RT: @JoeTheDough: The dopeness​post/​104997997… – 03:49 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough hell yes – 03:49 PM GMT
@DanEngler oh, sorry, did that wake you? – 03:50 PM GMT
@deathmtn @godtributes i never knew that was you! GODTRIBUTES FOR THE GODTRIBUTES GOD – 03:53 PM GMT
@ftrain i’m concerned you have a symptom of intronitis, paul – 04:00 PM GMT
@mubay they’re on track to do that and take out a National Historic District too! ALSO CENTURY LINK FIELD. Should be some fun politics. – 06:14 PM GMT
RT: @WT_Dore: #Mefi today: #HIV study leads to finding 6 million year old #retrovirus hiding in human (and #neanderthal) #DNA​w/​145286 – 06:15 PM GMT
@mubay well, give it time. I’m sure after 25 years of public discussion and ten public votes we’ll be guided to an impractical solution. – 06:16 PM GMT
@mubay an impractical, expensive, unworkable solution. – 06:22 PM GMT
RT: @guardian: Face-sitting protest outside parliament against new porn rules​p/​446v2/​tw​Bn9PYsxqQb – 06:23 PM GMT
hey @earinc & @fantagraphics dig the Value Village score: 3 xmas week ’66 newsprint Pogo dailies, framed up back then​6pva7yv1ek – 06:31 PM GMT
@sumit /flings souvenir teacup to floor in outrage, stands up – 07:04 PM GMT
@sumit ha ha it’s more a mudlarked Crystal Palace eggcup actually. Came pre-shattered, courtesy mama Thames.​mEGOrJoTde – 10:09 PM GMT
@sumit but a line of kitschy pseudo-1984 souvenirs would indeed be AUSOM – 10:11 PM GMT