@joshmillard that’s 6.5 mins per song. You’re a 2-take wonder! – 01:22 AM GMT
“Only Lovers Left Alive” opens from a single into a scene featuring a white Supro and a scoopneck Silvertone. Fuck yes. – 03:23 AM GMT
Hm, cracking Connie Willis’ Blackout/All Clear. A teenage protagonist cutting school begging for a time travel ridealong? Um. Sell me on it. – 06:24 AM GMT
hoo boy. apparently in the future of academic history the Great Man theory has charged back into the room, guns a-blazing. – 06:45 AM GMT
and they also don’t appear to have email or personal computing technology or cell phones. i wonder if the retrograde academics are a clue. – 07:12 AM GMT
… that might make the hackneyed Golden Age opening a structural clue. OK, possible case of overanalysis but at last something to chew on. – 07:16 AM GMT
and just in time! that observation hit at 10% in, the threshold i’d set to drop it and move on if no hook was set. – 07:17 AM GMT
@agent_cooper and @hell0jed will find this interesting, i think. maybe @telemetrist too. twitter.com/​cstross/​status… – 06:20 PM GMT
OMG this ad – 11:28 PM GMT
@DanEngler right there with you, as an examnation of my TL will show – 11:55 PM GMT