oh btw here’s a terror alert to distract you from the streets – 12:40 AM GMT
@mubay just in general, but i have heard several news references. “Concerns,” new travel PITA, botched rescue. You know already. – 01:40 AM GMT
Twenty thousand words (or whatever) on Vine (et al). Now *that* is high concept. nyr.kr/​1ygCFfg – 08:35 AM GMT
“He had reached a Francis Ford Coppola-style inflection point beyond which only mannerism could follow.” oh man – 09:09 AM GMT
attn @mubay twitter.com/​Victor_Lucas/​s… (free highly rated hex game) – 04:52 PM GMT
is *anyone* surprised to learn that the motherfuckers are made of lies? i mean, torture is *evil*. it *requires* poor morality. – 05:10 PM GMT
@ElSaborAsiatico only one guy can make that dream come true – 06:09 PM GMT
@ElSaborAsiatico man what a letdown, it’s like he’s forgotten you – 06:15 PM GMT
@ElSaborAsiatico 30 second na brah u want six sec for vine yo – 06:24 PM GMT
@ElSaborAsiatico i mean the new yorker is all over that, it’s what’s up – 06:25 PM GMT
@ElSaborAsiatico plus you can use like, one chord ro score the whole thing, no sync royalties – 06:26 PM GMT
@ElSaborAsiatico up top /holds hand above head – 06:27 PM GMT
@ElSaborAsiatico awwwww – 06:28 PM GMT
RT: @ArielleQ4: Comic Sans tho? “@USATODAY: LeBron James expresses social conscience with #ICantBreathe shirt usat.ly/​1D2Y3sw pic.twitter.com/​t1Ox8vz8qy – 06:46 PM GMT
RT: @twittels: Wouldn’t have gone comic sans on this one “@NBCSports: LeBron James wears “I Can’t Breathe”: tw.nbcsports.com/​EGv pic.twitter.com/​qDau5zaqfd” – 06:46 PM GMT
RT: @_mariocarrillo_: Love the statement by @KingJames and other NBA players, but is that comic sans? huffingtonpost.com/​2014/​12/​08/​leb… pic.twitter.com/​ncorZdKdH8 – 06:46 PM GMT
RT: @rickycervantes: “@SI_Wire: LeBron James wore ‘I Can’t Breathe’ shirts before the game on.si.com/​1AXmGlE pic.twitter.com/​E9487qtBjv” COMIC SANS THO – 06:46 PM GMT
RT: @andre__dina: muito bom o protesto do Lebron James usando a camisa com as ultimas palavras do cara que morreu lá… mas precisava sem em Comic Sans? – 06:46 PM GMT
@alan_maguire Clay Tablet here – 07:10 PM GMT
@alan_maguire which is a legit awesome nom de quoi – 07:10 PM GMT
@gjcharlet betcha dollar it roughly equals population distro. it’s your own poisson plot! – 08:14 PM GMT
Still have a few of these, DM addy if you want an Osirismas card pic.twitter.com/​r349PajKQf – 11:04 PM GMT