@clarissawam over twenty years ago over the pit that became the new Seattle federal building, they did this all summer at sunset. Amazing. – 12:08 AM GMT
@clarissawam I would just sit down and watch until the sun was gone, then walk on home. – 12:08 AM GMT
Why is there a LOTR or Hobbit looking dwarf figurine on the Philly sideline heater? – 12:37 AM GMT
@middleclasstool @joshmillard whyyyyyy – 01:48 AM GMT
@DanEngler @JoeNoPhoto that was Hagrid? Kids today. – 01:50 AM GMT
RT: @matildarrr: required reading pic.twitter.com/​1DUzmYh5Qx – 01:51 AM GMT
@joshmillard cortex rift – 01:52 AM GMT
@anildash prince tour – 01:53 AM GMT
@anildash prince on twitter – 01:53 AM GMT
@anildash prince record – 01:53 AM GMT
@anildash <3 – 01:54 AM GMT
@anildash art guested me in his dredd comic, that was cool. we got a dog. you made some jokes on twitter. Too Many Cooks. – 01:57 AM GMT
@anildash @TonyaMosley made this amaaaaazing radio series on being black in Seattle – 01:58 AM GMT
Orci’s out? Fucking great news. – 02:56 AM GMT
@middleclasstool yep. amusing attempt at FB meme scrolled by touting Frakes as new helmer, which, uh I guess is an improvement but – 05:16 AM GMT
roast chicken tonight was super yum – 05:22 AM GMT
@editor_b totemic representation of the seasonal harvest cycle, known as Osiris Claus. Note shepherd’s crooks wound with bloody mummy wrap. – 07:50 PM GMT
@gjcharlet wubbout QR codes? – 07:52 PM GMT
@gjcharlet oh i know – 08:36 PM GMT
@sumit this week, news of soil subsidence around the site of our catastrophically stuck tunnel boring machine. those with eyes to see, will. – 10:51 PM GMT
@sumit ask not for whom the wyrm turns and further mangled citations – 11:50 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @LeavittAlone @desjardins the karaoke alone – 11:50 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @LeavittAlone @desjardins so basically a monday night in foggy ole foggy. took months to get the chartpak tape out your hair. – 11:53 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @LeavittAlone @desjardins economy of abundance! – 11:54 PM GMT