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@mattblaze @edinblack objective is to reinstate torture as an American military and law enforcement control mechanism. jury’s still out. – 07:10 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt not sure it’s fate exactly – i mean you know i think they expected events like that and the script we got was one on the shelf – 07:15 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt i mean i guess the fate part is that the evil clowns had the ball – 07:15 AM GMT
RT: @rjl20: 85 killed since 9/11 dlvr.it/​7mz7pt – 08:40 AM GMT
oboy oboy oboy oboy tor.com/​blogs/​2014/​12/​… – 05:16 PM GMT
RT: @keithpille: Nothing worse than a guy walking around in giant shoes and a fake red nose, indignantly asking why people call him a clown – 05:18 PM GMT
Remember my torture rant? OF COURSE YOU DO. Newsweek on Central America, torture, and the CIA: newsweek.com/​cia-torture-pr… – 07:05 PM GMT
@zipties ABSOLUTELY. It’s completely unique, a work of actual genius both as SF/F and from a strict literary and structural standpoint. – 07:11 PM GMT
@zipties i found it tough going at first, because part of the work’s genius is the author’s close emulation of the voice of 19thc writers – 07:13 PM GMT
@zipties I have no patience at all with Austen and Eyre etc., as I find their formality of language appalling and obfuscatory. – 07:14 PM GMT
@zipties but those are the authors Clarke is channelling in the opening chapters. so it was tough. but i stuck with it, and it is fantastic. – 07:16 PM GMT
Thoughts directed to .@zipties on “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell” storify.com/​mwhybark/​conve… – 07:19 PM GMT
I’m sure that reading the book shortly after a visit to The Soane Museum in London helped. soane.org – 07:20 PM GMT
Clarke relied on the museum as a source of research and inspiration while writing the book, iirc. The museum’s library room appears in-book. – 07:21 PM GMT
Google image search results for the room: google.com/​search?q=soane… – 07:24 PM GMT
I had no idea of the association between the book and the museum as I read the book, and it was and extremely uncanny reading experience. – 07:25 PM GMT
The museum appeared in my mind’s eye for early 19th century settings and interiors. Then the book began to explicitly reflect that. – 07:28 PM GMT
It was literally as if the book had changed in content to more accurately reflect my expectations, print writhing behind each hidden page. – 07:29 PM GMT
It was an indescribable experience, just serendipity, of course, and not likely duplicable. An actual magic book. Fucking amazing. – 07:30 PM GMT
Other media referents for the book, which do not appear to have been directly cited by Clarke: the films “Barry Lyndon” and “The Duellists”. – 07:33 PM GMT
Both Kubrick and Scott directly lift shot compositions from specific 19th century paintings, Kubrick even relying on Horgarth. – 07:33 PM GMT
The Soane incorporates an astonishing and compact salon-style gallery that includes several large-scale Hogarth paintings. – 07:35 PM GMT
Google image search results for “Soane Hogarth gallery”: google.com/​search?q=soane… – 07:36 PM GMT
Anyway. Manuel (who stopped twitter following me because I bitch about stuff) says he wishes I’d blog again. He might be right. – 07:37 PM GMT
@azender Anne, it was a total head-bender. I would literally rub my eyes sometimes wondering if I had just read a passage or not. – 07:38 PM GMT
@naxuu year of thirsty sus randos – 07:42 PM GMT
RT: @laureneoneal: @naxuu My Year of Reading the Comments – 07:59 PM GMT
Web (M5) @naxuu good, you could spin that into a TED talk, a public radio show, podcast, local spinoffs, good good – 08:01 PM GMT
Web (M5) Don’t forget, TAL covered the Afghan interrogation death in 2003: thisamericanlife.org/​radio-archives… – 09:32 PM GMT