RT: @ftrain: I mean, $150, that’s like one hour of Javascript (i.e. running npm). Or five 10,000-word essays for national magazines. – 03:40 AM GMT
RT: @frankrogan: Here’s a scary story. It’s called Cyber Monday because waaaay back in 1996, you didn’t have broadband at home, so…* runs away screaming – 04:46 AM GMT
@sumit @esinclai /gazes blankly at screen, fiddles with 35-year-old “Maldoror” tape – 06:16 PM GMT
@sumit @esinclai that’s one way of understanding this, for sure: what-happened-to-awk.weebly.com/​steev-mike–an… – 06:23 PM GMT
@sumit @esinclai and play bass with whom thou wilt shall be the whole of the law – 06:23 PM GMT
RT: @HowlTweeter: where we hug and kiss the United States under our bedsheets the United States that coughs all night and won’t let us sleep – 06:25 PM GMT
this man’s son now “refuses to visit the neighborhood library, just one block away, unless accompanied.” washingtonpost.com/​posteverything… – 06:41 PM GMT
@gjcharlet one hopes there’s a giant clock at the entrance to one or the other – 06:43 PM GMT
@keithpille @gjcharlet faved so hard – 06:45 PM GMT
been following @HowlTweeter for a few months. it’s awesome. the poem loops every few days. the effect is just below the level of earworm. – 06:52 PM GMT
i find reflective effects similar to contemplative reading of a poem, partially reliant on pareidolia, much like pulling a random tarot card – 06:55 PM GMT
this leads me to believe that other poem bots, consumed on a long-term basis, may provide similar benefits. multiple congruent ones? hmmm – 06:58 PM GMT
.@theBees my understanding: stems from the early nineties meaning of “cyber”. Performing the practice while at work lent an air of jollity. – 08:17 PM GMT
.@theBees holding this understanding provides current use with air of jollity to me. – 08:18 PM GMT
At upscale Mexican restaurant, seated by a table of loud and prosperous seniors. – 08:53 PM GMT
They’ve spent the last ten minutes talking about how federal changes in senior health insurance are so great. – 08:54 PM GMT
Then they switch topics to how terrible the immigration situation is. In front of the staff. Good God. These folks vote. – 08:55 PM GMT
.@theBees Monday… Khyber? Seeber? /MailKimp voice – 08:59 PM GMT
Now they’ve moved on to the role of ISIS in fulfilling the Book of Revelations. – 09:18 PM GMT
.@noahi @theBees it was cybering, the way I retcon it. – 09:19 PM GMT
@jakebeckman @abeaujon @misskeli can’t wait for the Christopher Nolan movie adaptation of BAAAAARRROOOOOOMM – 09:22 PM GMT
@naxuu I also assume you have the most extreme tintin updo ever – 11:40 PM GMT
@naxuu so epic – 11:42 PM GMT