RT: @LeVostreGC: A wondirful gifte booke for thys yeare: kirkusreviews.com/​book-reviews/​p… – 04:05 AM GMT
@LeVostreGC pretty sure this tweet’s been excitedly anticipated by at least one person whose last name starts with S – 04:06 AM GMT
@Cabbage_Babble long story short: Nike. – 04:07 AM GMT
@bradleystein thus, arm the police heavily – 05:14 AM GMT
@bradleystein i’m a little frustrated with the lack of national analysis of it from that perspective, but hey, US press. – 05:20 AM GMT
@bradleystein even if it’s never appeared in a policy analysis as a planning goal, it sure does coincide with accelerating income disparity – 05:22 AM GMT
hey @laurenbeukes twitter.com/​ElliottBayBook… – 07:28 AM GMT
Andrew W. K. has been in Current 93. I need a bit to process that. – 08:20 AM GMT
@sumit @esinclai en.m.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Andrew_W.K. page search “Current 93”. I guess next step would be verification offsite, could be a prank. – 05:18 PM GMT
@mubay sick buuuuuuurrrrn – 05:24 PM GMT
@joshmillard i believe canonically this has to be sung by Phil Collins, per Texas law – 05:42 PM GMT
RT: @Theremina: “Let’s not forget the reason for the season: two T-Rexes fighting over a watermelon.” ~@MildredVon #SaintPareidolia pic.twitter.com/​AzYm69KUZ1 – 05:45 PM GMT
@naxuu um, it is tangentially present in colloquial terms such as “development hell” so imma say the concept is extant – 10:11 PM GMT
@ardaniel @naxuu and both uses describe a condition of inaccessible stasis – 10:12 PM GMT
Drove by this on the freeway, provoking a lolwut from me. greendragontavernca.com/​Home – “stunning 22,000 sqft replica” oh hell yes we’re going – 10:52 PM GMT
I don’t really think it is but I would be so excited if it were like a cut rate 1776 theme park, with rides and costumed characters – 10:54 PM GMT
The Stamp Act rollercoaster – 10:55 PM GMT
The interminable Philadelphia summer sauna – 10:55 PM GMT
The drafting of the constitution house of mirrors – 10:56 PM GMT