the all-shout time of Cuban familial loving expression can be challenging for persons from households that practice all-silence time – 04:49 AM GMT
@seattletimes @edinblack Dear ST twitter person: ‘mar’ is an inappropriate word for unwanted or unruly political speech. Thanks. – 07:56 AM GMT
@poupou @alexpalex aahhh – 08:37 AM GMT
@edinblack @seattletimes I dunno about “disrupt,” Ed. they delayed some busses, I believe, which fits direct usage in my opinion. – 09:31 AM GMT
@edinblack @seattletimes like if it was “protests disrupt tree lighting, transit” I think that’s straight enough. – 09:33 AM GMT
@edinblack @seattletimes but invert it – “protests disrupt lighting, mar transit services” – and the slant is more apparent. – 09:34 AM GMT