@poupou nooooooo – 09:21 AM GMT
RT: @sumit: Man in corner shop cheery as he simultaneously sells me a can and another bloke chocolate. “Busy today! Very busy. Black Friday, innit?” – 04:19 PM GMT
@gjcharlet that’s what Viv used for her Halloween getup! – 07:25 PM GMT
.@gjcharlet can’t recall if I posted this here or not: pic.twitter.com/3kvqVavDjQ – 07:32 PM GMT
Grotesquely obese man drives cart past. He holds a large Pepsi cup. Four Costco polish dogs protrude sans bun. He tilts cup to mouth, bites. – 08:23 PM GMT
@gjcharlet indeed, sir – 08:24 PM GMT
Weirdly, Costco is as empty as the airport was, relatively speaking. – 08:30 PM GMT
@ElSaborAsiatico @billbarol a do what now? – 08:52 PM GMT