@naxuu @mcclure111 fair enough and i think we know that, but you can’t really expect it to go unchallenged. that said, keep on keepin on – 12:23 AM GMT
@DanEngler oh yes. ohh – 12:27 AM GMT
RT: @AdamBertocci: Too Many Cooks, Shakespearean sonnet edition: i.imgur.com/bSf7wOT.jpg pic.twitter.com/tjJ6D5MsXN – 05:45 PM GMT
@AdamBertocci thanks duderino – 05:45 PM GMT
@jasonrantz @surlygourmand @paulconstant I got surly’s back here. overrated and overcrowded. – 11:11 PM GMT
@jasonrantz @surlygourmand @paulconstant what sticks with me was being grumpy and cold and underwhelmed and feeling like I overpaid – 11:15 PM GMT
@jasonrantz @surlygourmand @paulconstant which means to me the food was simply not memorable. – 11:16 PM GMT
@jasonrantz @surlygourmand @paulconstant my bona fides are as follows: my wife is Cuban. – 11:17 PM GMT