@noahi @jessicahagy @poupou @waxpancake it’s the worst case of intronitis i’ve ever seen – 12:16 AM GMT
Every day when I walk the dog I see this. pic.twitter.com/UvSipLR8E8 – 12:17 AM GMT
That’s the final resting place of Steven A. Rintamaki, Cpl USMC. He died in Iraq, in September 2004. You can look up the details online. – 12:18 AM GMT
Here’s one of the things you find, a short obit and info about him. timeofremembrance.org/soldiers/rinta… – 12:20 AM GMT
We closed on this house in October, 2004. We got a dog around 2006, I think. So I’ve been contemplating his grave for about eight years. – 12:22 AM GMT
Back then, there was a little mailbox on a stake next to his headstone, and people would leave letters in it inside ziploc bags. – 12:23 AM GMT
Sometimes they would blow away and I would find them on the dog walk and return them, which is how I learned that he was adopted, as I am. – 12:24 AM GMT
If you look at that linked obit, you’ll see he sought out his birth family just prior to deployment. The notes I found were from both sides. – 12:25 AM GMT
I think learning of his family’s experience helped me to decide to seek out my own birthfamily. I guess in a way his death changed my life. – 12:27 AM GMT
You know, I should maybe tell his family. Can’t believe it took me this long to figure that out. – 12:31 AM GMT
@DanEngler @manwhoyells I ate at Paseo several times. Never saw the light, frankly. Long lines, always dissatisfied with the food. – 01:02 AM GMT
.@surlygourmand every seattle tech employer smiles in selfsatisfaction. “Thank god for the exempt employee rule,” they sigh, lacing fingers. – 01:49 AM GMT
.@surlygourmand those workers weren’t mere employees, they were sandwich engineers – 01:51 AM GMT
here at sandwich emporium, we want you to really understand that your job is more than your job, it’s more like a family. go make your bed. – 01:54 AM GMT
@DanEngler youtube.com/watch?v=j7O-SU… – 04:21 AM GMT
My outdoor thermosensor reports it to be 26 F. My poor peas. – 08:56 AM GMT
@wmarybeard @lakefxdan thus the name of the bar in Seattle where I spent 1991-1999 – 06:12 PM GMT
RT: @wmarybeard: while we all become experts in comets,lets remember that word comet is from Latin cometes; before that from Greek meaning “long haired star” – 06:12 PM GMT
no seriously we even played a gig there pic.twitter.com/PyAVvBmuu4 – 08:14 PM GMT
@gjcharlet It takes a lot to make a stew when it comes to me and you – 08:16 PM GMT
@naxuu greensboro 1979. misc deaths attributed to skins in the 1980s. gotta disagree here. – 11:02 PM GMT
@naxuu splcenter.org/blog/2013/01/2… – 11:05 PM GMT