@AlpacaQueen77 a) still have the LP b) knew a guy that went to two of the shows in LA – 03:59 AM GMT
@DanEngler in person, your hindbrain doesn’t know the difference. youtu.be/Amz_wE9eiBU – 04:09 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt ha ha ha haggh ha ha. ha ha ha hathe headline writer obviously follows ya tweets – 04:10 AM GMT
RT: @Jason: My mind just exploded. pic.twitter.com/yyYLta0190 – 04:59 AM GMT
RT: @LeVostreGC: Over-manye cookes! (Over-manye cookes!) Over-manye cookes! (Over-manye cookes!) – 08:18 AM GMT
@AlpacaQueen77 I know he saw the DKs, & the Cramps, whom I assume were booked on one night. Fear? bet there’s a gig list somewheres, brb – 12:54 PM GMT
@AlpacaQueen77 ah, no dice. any search is overwhelmed by the movie proper. looking at the bands i bet they had two shows: punk, new wave. – 01:07 PM GMT
@AlpacaQueen77 so if he went to two (as I recall him saying) he would have seen both LA shows I’m guessing at. – 01:09 PM GMT
@LeVostreGC take, for example, the pilgrimage narrative – 01:19 PM GMT
@mubay cut out the commute vaping son – 05:03 PM GMT
@lorenacupcake SUBURBIA – 07:52 PM GMT