@LeavittAlone did you see this 1944/art student/fascist one? humansofnewyork.com – 12:55 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone I was like, that’s Captain Steve’s life without the glacier – 12:58 AM GMT
Losing hand. In that darkened room my gaze slid over the cards, never after clearly to recall a moment of true sight. pic.twitter.com/qk9dDUhW1f – 04:42 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt art, it’s an hour later, but I have done these. in this pic, inside the big round metal thing there’s a spiral lip. – 06:56 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt see how it’s offset? I think the lip just needs one of the notches on the metal bar thingy. when you turn it, it should pull up – 06:57 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt i think. – 06:57 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt anyway, hope it worked out. or you knocked off and beered up. – 06:58 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt also, are the lips on the bolts spiral threaded too or is it just even disk-like protrusions? If threaded, I bet they screw in. – 07:00 AM GMT
@lakefxdan @arthurwyatt the swedes are fucking sneaky bastards areet – 08:14 AM GMT
@hell0jed @arthurwyatt yeah, i think so too – 08:16 AM GMT
awakened self pursuant to dream wherein i popped (non existent, imaginary) boss on schnozz for hassling me and got canned, appropriately – 11:31 AM GMT
@DanEngler he totally did. what a fucking prick. – 11:34 AM GMT
@DanEngler plus he was like twice my size and threw my shit at me on his way out. – 11:35 AM GMT