@hell0jed yes. kickstarter – 06:49 AM GMT
RT: @madamjujujive: Strange & surreal Totino’s Pizza Rolls spot by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim youtube.com/watch?v=NAalGQ… via @happyplace – 06:53 AM GMT
@manwhoyells @telemetrist i spotted one in the wild tonight! – 06:56 AM GMT
@AriTruscan too late now, but thank him for his service – 07:03 AM GMT
RT: @edgarwright: This will break your brain. youtube.com/watch?v=RzdRQC… – 07:10 AM GMT
@edgarwright , yes – 07:10 AM GMT
RT: @naxuu: ♫ too many cooks! (too many cooks!) ♫ ♫ too many cooks! (too many cooks!) ♫ – 07:11 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt SUCCESS! Delegation was key, apparently. – 07:20 AM GMT
@poupou 🙁 – 07:23 AM GMT
RT: @MotherJones: Washington voters just passed the gun law Congress couldn’t—and the NRA is freaked out bit.ly/1E81RE0 pic.twitter.com/NVRiPwYrLD – 07:26 AM GMT
@joshmillard eeeyaugh my sis had this record and eeeyaugh – 07:28 AM GMT
RT: @Zero23___: TOO MANY COOKS! – 08:03 AM GMT
RT: @Jamie_Goncalves: I’ve been editing parts of a film with people high on PCP then saw Too Many Cooks and now it’s bedtime. avclub.com/article/adult-… – 08:04 AM GMT
@DanEngler too many cooks – 09:36 AM GMT
@AriTruscan Any Lincoln Brigade man deserves a handshake and a thank you, so, no I guess I wasn’t kidding, weirdly – 03:17 PM GMT
@mubay @DanEngler too many cooks – 03:18 PM GMT
@telemetrist @manwhoyells yesterday the #1 hit for “Amazon echo” was dcurt.is/amazon-has-no-… which is undated and does not mention the device – 03:20 PM GMT
RT: @woodelijah: Too Many Cooks – 03:53 PM GMT