@mubay och – 04:31 AM GMT
@joshmillard @ftrain so what you’re saying is that pixels are in your blood – 08:16 AM GMT
My emulators to resurrect preadolescent computational socialization: CP/M – cpm.z80.de/emulate.html – Oh, say 1980-1988 in my life. 1990. – 08:34 AM GMT
PLATO emulator: cyber1.org – that’s like, what, 1976? 1978? to, oh, say 1982. Had to be accessed from within the IU Library. – 08:36 AM GMT
That room was 1970’s futuretech! Blond wood, warm rust and mustard shortpile carpet organochairs, orange type on glossy black screens – 08:38 AM GMT
headache-inducing scents of all the petroleum products in the room offgassing slowly, the voluptuous clack of the overengineered keyboards – 08:39 AM GMT
unwashed seventies hippie nerd weed smell and the hush of an academic library – 08:40 AM GMT
@DanEngler too far for it to carry, but that was supposed to be where the secret gummint weed greehouse was. – 09:05 AM GMT
+n – 09:06 AM GMT
A Lesson on Binary Tree Traversals, a paper describing a simple PLATO-hosted interactive drill, with screenies. cs.indiana.edu/pub/techreport… – 09:12 AM GMT
@DanEngler have some brownish water – 09:16 AM GMT
@RobPeoni I split 24 years ago. never looked back. – 05:13 PM GMT
RT: @RebekahDenn: How pho became Seattle’s soup. Nice history @imrachelbelle: mynorthwest.com/874/2637812/A-… – 05:47 PM GMT
last RT attn @poupou et al – 05:48 PM GMT
@poupou lawlz yes – 05:55 PM GMT
@poupou now we know which one was first! it’s the boat one, ennit? – 05:56 PM GMT
@poupou Cat Submarine! Seems like she and I were in a band. – 06:47 PM GMT