@sugarfreak you know, the seventies – 03:56 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt this reminds me: there are loads of $5 ST Into Darkness caps at the Holman Value Village – 04:11 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt it was fckjg khan all along those fckgrs – 04:13 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt i feel like i should buy two for us just to prove we survived – 04:14 AM GMT
@phirephoenix is this new Strange news? I thought it was stuck forever.Plus, prose style is soooo crucial to it. Hard project, I think. – 06:38 AM GMT
attn @esinclai @azender twitter.com/Ben_Aaronovitc… – 03:06 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt apocalyptic urban hellscape – 06:41 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt some smallholders bravely soldier on, keeping to he old ways – 06:47 PM GMT