@wasta that section of the drive is FUN – 04:39 AM GMT
@brownpau deepfried batter, hfcs sauce… has legs! – 04:42 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt NEATO get one made IRL ASAP – 04:55 AM GMT
@wasta the road does funny things to a man’s digestion – 05:25 AM GMT
attn .@LeavittAlone graphics.latimes.com/finding-marlow… – 06:16 AM GMT
NPR or NPR affiliate newsreader just referred to Taylor Swift as “T-Swizzle,” I think. Unless I dreamt that. Either way, good job. – 05:05 PM GMT
Has anyone told the “Nightcrawler” people their film looks to be a grimdark remake of “The Camerman,” a hilarious Buster Keaton feature? – 07:16 PM GMT
I mean, seriously. it’s even set in LA. Young man seizes brass ring of on-the-spot freelance news filming, sells footage to press bureau. – 07:17 PM GMT
i highly suggest you check it out yourself. youtube.com/watch?v=zo85hd… – 07:19 PM GMT