@poupou twice! except mostly the clocks do it on their own now – 05:38 AM GMT
@NekoCase PURTY – 05:38 AM GMT
@poupou earlier this year viv and i were in a clock fight and i learned there are self-setting analog wall clocks now. because of course. – 05:40 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm been known to strike up conversations with strangers on the basis of the classic “Minutemen San Pedro” anchor shirt – 05:35 PM GMT
@mubay then what, the last hour replayed? – 05:37 PM GMT
attn @imontheradio twitter.com/mikescollins/s… – 05:42 PM GMT
@Specklet @JoeTheDough @LettersOfNote never was a rounder – 07:28 PM GMT