RT: @imontheradio: Ira, dressed as the dog that dressed as Ira in the Brooklyn dog costume contest. And me as Totoro. #meta #furry #… pic.twitter.com/jsw5GD8wzF – 12:02 AM GMT
That’s right. Tonight I sleep with a princess. – 12:03 AM GMT
One year she went as Xena. That was amazing. – 12:03 AM GMT
@telemetrist not technically, there are cinnamon buns involved – 12:55 AM GMT
@ezrakilty weeks of painstaking labor (not really) – 04:35 AM GMT
@ezrakilty the hard part was scrunching down small enough to fit in there – 06:34 AM GMT
RT: @iraglass: Me dressed as dog dressed as me, part two. pic.twitter.com/mKhit2iZRA – 09:34 AM GMT
.@fantagraphics the new phone books are here! the new phone books are here! #pogo #igopogo pic.twitter.com/im0WK1Kdpw – 10:31 PM GMT
RT: @zachshan: This person wins Seattle Halloween. pic.twitter.com/Pz6pFzQjdt – 10:40 PM GMT