@ColburnScott Ausum, dood! – 01:07 AM GMT
@DanEngler Canon error; clearly it should have been the Jets. – 01:09 AM GMT
RT: @dansinker: So Apple borked their livestream, crashed their webstore, hammered servers on OS8 update, and killed cell on 8.0.1. PLEAZE HERE’S MY DATA. – 01:11 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone oooh, imma rummage a bit here. quickcam 100 selfie someplace. absurd handlebar moustache. manaiacal grin. – 01:13 AM GMT
RT: @fantagraphics: Yesssss RT @EdPiskor: Library of Alexandria. pic.twitter.com/NvEH82pfTL – 01:15 AM GMT
@ardaniel @hell0jed Yeah, Rango is *great*. – 01:17 AM GMT