@arthurwyatt mmmmwahhh smooch smooch smooch – 12:47 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt *air kisses* – 12:52 AM GMT
People wearing Dodgers gear as a passive aggressive way to root for the M’s. – 01:15 AM GMT
@HowlTweeter @ezrakilty fuck yes! – 06:18 AM GMT
@DanEngler ring ring ring ring ring – 06:18 AM GMT
RT: @mathowie: I should have made a t-shirt of this pic.twitter.com/v81sMFQ8fT – 06:19 AM GMT
@DanEngler wat – 06:21 AM GMT
RT: @TNT_Mariners: Royals and A’s win. So postseason math is simple for #Mariners: Win 3 v Angels, have A’s lose 2 at Texas for Monday play-in v A’s at Safeco. – 06:22 AM GMT
@ezrakilty i loved the book, dead horses and all. but Mariners! so maybe not this time. Missing “Angels,” again, 20 years later, too. Fuck. – 06:24 AM GMT
@DanEngler um – 06:41 AM GMT
@DanEngler we can review this at the bases ball game tomorrow if you are interested – 06:42 AM GMT
have you ever noticed that steve martin and patrick stewart look like they could be brothers? – 06:45 AM GMT
RT: @Patrick_Macias: pic.twitter.com/zl3rtVLYbo – 07:49 AM GMT
you know what’s fucking great? @howltweeter is fucking great. that’s what’s fucking great. i should pipe it directly to my facebook status. – 08:03 AM GMT
highly dissapoint five mins of googlesift dint gimma simple way to do that. highly dissapoint. – 08:07 AM GMT
@theBees @HowlTweeter ha, nice. Uncle Allen, social media professional and consultant. – 07:12 PM GMT