Viv and I are watching How to Train Your Dragon 2 and I must say, I am speechless with admiration. So incredibly beautiful to look at. – 02:45 AM GMT
Fantastic. I had no idea, had heard nothing about the film never saw the first film, and am entirely unfamiliar with the source material. – 03:45 AM GMT
Easily the best animated DreamWorks film of all time. Stunning. – 03:46 AM GMT
Only regrettable note is the character design of the bad guy: he’s dark-complected, with a broad nose, and black dreds. A Southron, sorta. – 03:48 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt if you don’t spec a script where a Judge has to deal with that on the way to work, imma be smdh – 03:54 AM GMT
RT: @johnpstrohm: “@JasonIsbell: Attn: @johnpstrohm. RT @jtkantor: Lemonheads went over surprisingly well at last night’s game.” Rad – 06:59 PM GMT