.@jebbanner @Uber i love that this is a surprise. IT’S RIGHT THERE IN THE NAME. cc @anildash – 03:46 PM GMT
@whybark at least you figured out how robe works – 03:47 PM GMT
@whybark have you looked for youtube tutorial? – 05:42 PM GMT
@iasshole for godsake – 05:44 PM GMT
@mallelis @LeavittAlone did you deliberately channel Fry and Law or is that just in my head? – 05:49 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone @mallelis deliberate ambiguity! – 05:51 PM GMT
Amazon package arrived today with Fire phone promo packing tape. It felt kinda like getting panhandled. By someone much wealthier than you. – 11:54 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone U-BOAT – 11:55 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone That place was the Best Place Ever for many years. The circus dioramas used to be in this gallery where you had to … – 11:57 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone …look at them thru tiny slots, in dark cabinets, with careful theatrical lighting. Now, giant boxes with fluorescent lights. – 11:58 PM GMT