@arthurwyatt I believe that is slated for just after the raging tropical epidemic hits either EU or US. – 12:03 AM GMT
@AdamBertocci sure, like, hanging out on the lot with Alf – 12:04 AM GMT
@zipties LOL. Not sure I would have noticed it if I hadn’t seen those sales number stories. – 02:01 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone in more ways than one. The museum’s original displays included exhibits moved from Flushing Meadows, iirc. No longer viewable. – 04:27 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone roadsideamerica.com/tip/13013 // used to be in a room with crazy, trip-inducing tilted floors designed like the inside of a cabin – 04:30 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone so it seemed like you were in a cabin held by paul bunyan as he tilted it this way and that – 04:31 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone an exhibit sponsored by weyerhauser. INDUSTRIAL MYTHOCUBOFUTURBRUTALIST ARCHITECTULPTURE. Sorry Granny broke her ankle. – 04:33 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone and the sliced humans, moldering away in their formaldehyde. – 04:33 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone exactly. last time I was there I found the last of the World’s Fair pieces behind a screen up on the second floor. – 04:35 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone I mean, an actual artifact of that rhetorical style and practice. hidden. – 04:35 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone nothing to see here nope – 04:37 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone just some gears sorted by size and manufacturer with EXCELLENT typography – 04:37 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone history if you are interested in a read amazon.com/Inventive-Geni… – 04:40 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone of course the building itself was made for the Exposition that Chris Ware uses as backdrop to some Corrigan stuff – 04:41 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone google.com/search?q=jimmy… – 04:42 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone (building on right) hoodedutilitarian.com/wp-content/upl… – 04:44 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone why else do you think they keep the Zephyr down there? – 04:44 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone railpictures.net/images/d1/8/7/… – 04:45 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone Remember that thing where you could apply to live in the museum for a year? oh man – 04:46 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone without question. – 04:55 AM GMT
@NickHanauer great to hear you on Tavis today – 06:21 PM GMT