@johnmoe like how did that guy go on to invent warp drive – 04:06 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt he says it’s good!i mean come ON, Scott – 05:23 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt so proud of what he accomplished with Prometheus, has to bring same contemporary standard to Deckard’s Return – 05:27 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt Weyland-Tyrell Corporation, first mentioned in association with Prometheus. Not joking. – 05:33 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt Inspector Fong now a star admiral – 05:33 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt all this cinematic legacy will be lost like tears in rain – 05:35 PM GMT
@middleclasstool yesterday as i posted a twitter essay on @mwhybark2 i was flipping b/t laptop, ipad, and iphone to find best client – 11:56 PM GMT