Don’t forget about bad grandpa! – 12:08 AM GMT
they seek him here, they seek him there – 07:51 AM GMT
Here’s an interesting thing about all that Coke bottle name stuff: i don’t think i have had a Coke in about three years – 08:07 AM GMT
so the campaign has reminded me that I am not part of their consumption base. which is fine with me, i think. maybe. – 08:08 AM GMT
@lorenacupcake @LeavittAlone should this fail to happen literally dozens of pixel friends will have sads – 04:24 PM GMT
@sugarfreak I KNOW RIGHT – 11:07 PM GMT
RT: @waxylinks: Pixel-Drifter: software for making glitch art from images, breaking things on purpose – 11:08 PM GMT
attn @praguepainter see prior rt – 11:09 PM GMT