@lorenacupcake lol – 02:09 PM GMT
@hell0jed good thought. also, youtu.be/YyjROkq4CqY (headphones suggested) – 02:18 PM GMT
@mubay part of my rewatch project is the movies. no doubt: that’s the best one. Watched First Contact last night: still awful and a mess. – 02:21 PM GMT
a man of the radio, who used the phrase “weaponization of the hashtag” followed that up, clarifying it as “the activism of the follow”. – 04:29 PM GMT
pretty sure he’s angling for a freakonomics gig – 04:29 PM GMT
w00t @arthurwyatt! – 04:30 PM GMT
@sugarfreak pledge drive week? – 04:31 PM GMT
@sugarfreak depends how deep the hook’s been set. – 05:24 PM GMT
This image is going viral in a color-corrupted version that makes it unreadable. cdn.theatlantic.com/newsroom/img/m… pic.twitter.com/mwyHiURUTG – 05:39 PM GMT
regarding that map: no repost of it I have found points to a Facebook-hosted source. Facebook did post a similar data analysis in 2011. – 05:41 PM GMT
here’s the 2011 maps: facebook.com/notes/facebook… – 05:42 PM GMT
ah, here’s the 2014 source. The “designer” of this map should be keelhauled. insidefacebook.com/2014/03/31/a-f… – 05:43 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt have you SEEN the color corrupt versions? it’s as though it was intended as a troll. hang on. – 05:48 PM GMT
Note pitch-perfect absurdly incorrect blogscrape-style headline. deadspin.com/facebook-data-… – 05:49 PM GMT
“Most Accurate” = “Completely Unreadable and Inaccurate” – 05:50 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt in the deadspin version, look at northern Virginia and Maryland. In the original, those are two distinct colors. Same in N. CA. – 05:52 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt that FB 2011 map project is elegant and praiseworthy! This is not even competent. – 05:54 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt you know what would help? VR. – 05:54 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt or simulated 3D, like with a wiggle GIF. – 05:56 PM GMT
@ardaniel /shakes fist at UI villains. Just got off a two-hour support call with mom and dad attempting to orient them within iOS7 Photos. – 10:38 PM GMT
@ardaniel ugh, online job intake stuff is the worst – 10:41 PM GMT