@gjcharlet shoulda bought it for you. Instead, I bought these. – 04:24 AM GMT
@gjcharlet 1990 was the best year for flat, brittle flavored polymers! – 04:31 AM GMT
RT: @matthewbaldwin: I asked my mom for her wifi password. She opened a file cabinet and retrieved a hard copy of an email I’d sent telling her what it is. – 04:52 AM GMT
hooboy the ants found the sugar while we were away, had a party, invited all their relatives, and topped things off by enthroning a queen – 06:27 AM GMT
RIGHT. So today I sat in the pilot’s seat of the HK-1 and flipped switches, slid throttles, flapped flaps, and suchlike, laughing maniacally – 06:30 AM GMT
I’ve flown that thing many times in X-Plane. Not *ever* did I think I would actually get a direct experience of it like that. Amazing. – 06:32 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @ardaniel @wedgex STILL HUGE – 07:33 AM GMT
Web (M5) @joshuamauldin i was on the iPhone version, scrolling up frantically. think i hit the processing bird, maybe. i was too startled to play. – 06:20 PM GMT
@christy_ms Terroism, then. – 06:22 PM GMT
@christy_ms well, ants what in my house is stinkers no mare what they smell iz, maam. but no, they are tiny, crafty fuckers. – 06:28 PM GMT
@christy_ms no smell, but small – 06:28 PM GMT
In you. aerolopin. normogignanous. – 06:52 PM GMT
@joshuamauldin @cbillins i haven’t got it back yet either. – 06:53 PM GMT