@arthurwyatt @jock4twenty wow! Sounds like fun! – 01:51 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt if I come, i promise to ask about flying motorcycles during Q&A – 01:55 AM GMT
@DanEngler oh man – 02:03 AM GMT
Gateway headed to the tube? Could be good, as long as it’s not on SyFy. m.deadline.com/2014/03/gatewa… – 02:16 AM GMT
@timutslerrr @mcgee_gorgo oh yeah that stuff is awesome. i have an axe and a sword! – 04:41 AM GMT
@timutslerrr @mcgee_gorgo the axe is kinda like this: ebay.com/itm/Shovel-Vin… – 04:46 AM GMT
@timutslerrr @mcgee_gorgo maybe they are a set. for uh an uh a uh backcountry firefighter. – 04:47 AM GMT
@timutslerrr @mcgee_gorgo ha ha here’s the sword! ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-SW… – it does this trick so it looks like it’s shoved thru the tie. – 04:49 AM GMT
Now *this* is a midcentury tie clasp. ebay.com/itm/Slide-Rule… – 04:50 AM GMT
@timutslerrr @mcgee_gorgo THE AXE ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Go… – 04:55 AM GMT
HlGH LARIOUS. Viaduct closure while Bertha gets disassembled. Good thing we didn’t go with surface option. Where’s my fucking monorail? – 03:39 PM GMT
Technically, I have a PM credit on this, by which I mean no technical involvement whatsoever. pic.twitter.com/qGJq2KnuhT – 07:48 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt for the same reason I have a PM credit. – 11:23 PM GMT
@mubay Now there’s something I could get behind. – 11:24 PM GMT
@hell0jed like art stuff? – 11:31 PM GMT
@hell0jed ah! not me, then! – 11:33 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mcgee_gorgo GoT TNG: post-medieval beige rooms with talking – 11:34 PM GMT