iOS 7.1 addresses some of the usability issues previously bitched about here, it seems. still gonna hold off a bit. – 01:32 AM GMT
X @agent_cooper That’s right! I grew unhappy with Voyager and Enterprise under his leadership. *Too much* time travel and whatnot. – 06:48 AM GMT
@agent_cooper Have to go look at his writer’s creds on TNG, though, for sure. S07 is just so kickass. – 06:50 AM GMT
Le celéphone, chose celébre. Le célephone, pour célestes. Le cielphone. – 03:52 PM GMT
Just awakened from a dream in which someone became famous for having an alien-technology cell phone on which you could talk to the aliens. – 03:54 PM GMT
Good basis for a cheap French art film circa 1963, a Twilight Zone episode, a sitcom, or a 1980s Analog SF story. – 03:56 PM GMT
RT: @chunklet: The Minutemen playing a graduation party in Pedro summer ’85. Mostly Double Nickles material:… – 04:00 PM GMT
attm @johnpstrohm and @DanEngler in particular to that last retweet – 04:01 PM GMT
@imontheradio geez, roll tape! – 04:08 PM GMT
@mubay get his number next time! – 05:22 PM GMT
i believe today is the day i do a dry run on our income tax. – 05:25 PM GMT
@BitterOldPunk @sculpin Sometimes I have to eyepatch for several weeks. By week three, that side of my body has left my spatial awareness. – 05:28 PM GMT
@BitterOldPunk @sculpin I will constantly run into stuff on that one side, slam into doorframes, trip over furniture, and so forth. – 05:29 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mcgee_gorgo get a hors. grampa – 09:29 PM GMT