@arthurwyatt (local wild marching band also used in Macklemore video, please note) – 12:10 AM GMT
Artemis iOS, pursuant to a slow moving discussion w/ @danengler, @mubay, & @manwhoyells appsto.re/us/uouEI.i – 09:52 AM GMT
RT: @DanEngler: @manwhoyells @mwhybark Both of you go to bed. – 10:40 AM GMT
@DanEngler @manwhoyells you know, if we just download the game now – 10:41 AM GMT
@DanEngler @manwhoyells besides, i’m IN bed – 10:41 AM GMT
@sumit livin on the edge – 10:44 AM GMT
note to self: all day consumption of non-decaf tea may disrupt normal sleep patterns. please make a note of it AGAIN – 10:45 AM GMT
@whybark see, back in my day we used rounded corners and drop shadows safely nested within protective tables – 04:02 PM GMT
@zipties having completed the coffee course the tea course is now being served – 07:20 PM GMT
@dansinker they do! – 07:25 PM GMT
@royalboiler @arthurwyatt BUBBLEGUM CRISIS – 07:28 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @royalboiler a thing you may not know I did: plus.google.com/photos/1015233… – 07:31 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @royalboiler deepest apologies for the plus link, you know how they is – 07:32 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt i did the box logo too but weirdly don’t have it up. am stoopit. – 07:34 PM GMT